Inside Wall Aquarium Blog

Tips for DIY "Built in fish tanks".

About us:

We are the only organization in the world promoting and providing aquariums made specifically to go inside walls. We manufacture wall aquariums, finishing trims and accessories. Our blog and instructions are here to educate and help you through the installation

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Inside Wall Fish Tank Gallery

Here’s a great gallery of various inside wall tanks.  Hopefully these will help you picture a wall tank in your house.  Some are bigger than others but all basically are the same installation configuration.  

Basic install.

To put a tank in your wall you are going to need some experience with electrical and knowledge of how a stud wall is built. Plan out your wall opening.  Is your tank going to sit flush or hang-out on

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In-Walls VS Wall Mounts.

Wall mount tanks and In-Wall aquariums are similar but very different.  Let’s examine.  Both look cool, have a nice viewing area, have light, filter and heater but that’s where the similarities end.  An In-wall aquarium gets built into your wall

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