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Tips for DIY "Built in fish tanks".

Cleaning an in-wall tank.

For cleaning this tank you open the trim at top.

A tank built in your wall cleans like a normal aquarium.  The only difference is that you will have a little less elbow room.  With an in-wall tank you might have to lift open or remove a trim-door to gain access to the top of the tank.  The aquarium does not move or get taken out of the wall; you simply put in your hoses and give the tank a scrub if needed.

Once a month or more you will have to remove 25 – 50% of the water and replace it with tap water.  You will siphon the water out through a hose into a bucket or drain.  This hose has a larger end that is used to vacuum up the waste but not the gravel.  To fill, a hose hooked up to a water supply is used.  You will have to add water conditioner and salt.

For advanced set-ups you can plumb the water intake and drain tubes to the aquarium for ease of maintenance.  See this blog post for details