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Tips for DIY "Built in fish tanks".

Load bearing walls.

openDo you want a wall tank but have concerns or don’t know if your wall is load bearing?  The good news is that you can install an aquarium into a load bearing wall.  The key is to transfer the load around the tank.

First you start by building temporary supports in front or behind the wall.  The can be done with some vertical 2 x 4’s or 2 x 6’s and a header stud firmly against the ceiling.  These supports will take the load above while you cut into the wall.

Next you are going to open your wall up larger than your finished opening and fasten all the studs together with a footer and header stud.  If the wall is under load beef up the header with a couple 2 x 6’s on their sides and if possible put some studs directly under them to transfer the load to the floor.

Once everything is secure remove your temporary wall and you’re done this part of the project.