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Tips for DIY "Built in fish tanks".

Who will install my tank?

HandymanMikeCostanzaTruckYou want a wall aquarium but are not handy or just don’t have the time.  In this case you will have to hire a local contractor.  Each product on our website ( has a link to its instructions on the product page.  You can print these off and bring them to contractors for quotes.  Contractors can be found online, in your phone book or on Craigslist (not recommended).

Contractors will charge by the hour ($50 – $100 typically) or job ($800 – $1500 for a wall aquarium).  A red flag might be no website, no good references (family/friends do not count) not answering the phone as a business (thank you for calling…), not insured or bonded.

A typical install can take 1.5 to 3 days.  Some maybe longer with custom trim work etc…  You get what you pay for so maybe the cheapest is not the way to go.  The aquarium must be on a flat surface, can be scratched and any electrical should be GFCI so pay close attention to these details.