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    This In-wall aquarium is designed to sit flush on both sides in a standard wall (4 ½" deep). Ideal for applications with double sided viewing. Purchase our trim or make your own and fasten that directly to the wall around the tank. Refer to our instructions for more details.
    The Wall Aquarium makes a great tank for smaller freshwater fish such as Tetras, Guppies, Mollies, Platies and Swordtails or drop the water level and create an awesome amphibian tank with frogs, newts and salamanders. If larger fish are desired you might want to consider the Standard Wall Aquarium.

Included with aquarium

  • Aquarium
    • Size: 32"l x 4 ⅜"d x 16"h
    • Material: ¼" extruded acrylic
    • Capacity: 9 U.S. gal
    • Removable lids
  • LED light
    • Full spectrum
    • 3000 lumens
    • Brightness control
Ideal for small to medium freshwater fish.
Price: $
plus $ for shipping and handling

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Square wall trim

    • Complete set for 1 side of wall
    • Unfinished knotty pine
    • Stain or paint ready
    • 2 Concealed (Euro) hinges

Square wall frame.
Square wall frame
Aquarium filter

  • Completely internal
  • 2 stage carbon pad
  • Adjusts up to 70 GPH
aquarium filter

Aquarium backdrop

  • Double-sided freshwater scenery
  • Water resistant plastic
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